Live projected film installation. Buried and decayed hand-processed super8mm film, suspension hooks, chain, silk, wood, Bell and Howell 346 Autoload projector, presstape, aluminum rod, clay, petals, strawberries, rain water, quartz.

Digital screening and artist talk from home installation during quarantine:

CLOUD REPORT is a communal and collaborative study of location and signals, existing as both an installation and an interactive social media phenomenon. Begun following the death of a loved one and through many iterations of absence, CLOUD REPORT is a communal meeting point of the symbolic, of noticing what is happening above you under the umbrella of where we all are. Inspired by archetypal depictions of the afterlife, this project re-purposes symbolism and recognizable signs of transcendence into interpersonal interactions over social media and fabrications of connection, location, presence. Growing more and more during the period of coronavirus isolation, this installation is a piece made in response to the creation of CLOUD REPORT and its co-optation by a broader digital community over the years.

Super 8mm footage of the clouds was shot and buried in order to decay the images, projected through an interactive installation that utilizes hovering curtains as a point of passage, a veil to cross over or an otherworldly window frame, at home during isolation. Community presentation hosted online. More information via IGTV video.