Passage at the Gate
Dimensions variable
Celluloid acetate, gelatin, silver halide, three Bell and Howell 346 Autoload projectors, presstape, wood, twine, steel rods, grip tape.

Installed while in residence at James Madison University for ‘Surface Tension.’

‘Passage at the Gate’ is a 3-channel celluloid film projection with images spliced intermittently to interact with one another in their overlapping frames, constantly shifting their context and relationship.

Based in tenuousness and deterioration, heat and light wear away at film strips precariously hung from rope-suspended steel rods, nodding to loss, weight, transcendence, infinity. Images pass through--or over--reaching out to one another, apparitions or points of contact, memory slowly losing fidelity as it is replayed again and again. This work is an addition to an ongoing meditation, and mediation, on loss.