︎ Leland letters - an ongoing archive.

What follows is a growing collection of physical and ephemeral artifacts from the near-entirety of my adult life that I spent with Leland. The archive spans years dating back to our meeting when I was 18. Leland assisted in the memorializing project of my undergraduate thesis, where I explored the permanence of lived experience and loss through the categorization, archivalship, transformation and preservation of artifacts from a traumatic time in my life through transmuting them into indestructible physical and digital materials. I return to that process, working and re-working the images, artwork and writings we made for one another, to attempt to transcend loss, without and with him. This process will continue for the rest of my life.

Polaroid with preserved fingerprints and lipstick, 2017.

Myself through Leland’s eyes and an image made with one of each of our hands, on Valentine’s day.

Leland on Salvation Mountain.

A collection of images of Leland and his living spaces for print, 2015-2018.