︎ welcome to the photo scroll ︎

This is where I keep scans of my still 35mm and 120 film, as well as the beginnings of my dip back into digital photo work. The work posted here will not contain all of the photos I sell in my darkroom account, or which I print in photo books. This is a selection of photos to have a dedicated home out of print or social media.

I’ve been taking film photos for years, but throughout quarantine they took on a new place in my practice and a new meaning. During a time when it felt like doing anything took an immense amount of forethought, necessity, or gravity to justify, taking a still camera on a walk with me felt like a lightweight and accessible, low-pressure way to engage with creative making. I didn’t need to devise my next video or have any excessive intention. I just needed to be willing to look at things, and in return, it made looking at things feel worthwhile.

I’m in the works of printing a photo book titled ‘We Are Expecting Miracles.’ The photos below are archives and odds ‘n’ ends left out of that evolving project, and the projects piggybacking onto it - I’ll be posting more about that here. Please e-mail me to arrange an order of any prints selected from below which you dont see on my darkroom account. Enjoy.